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Welcome Word

LAURESURGE is a private sector company owned by different shareholders whose key driver is innovation. which will invest in research, development which leads to new products and services that boost the economy and improve people’s lives.

Our main objectives are to build CONGO with modern city and infrastructure by respecting the global climate change to create jobs and stimulate Congolese economic growth.

About Our Company

LAURESURGE is born from a brokenness and hopelessness of congolese life’s situation since independance day. Many leaders have come and fulfilled their terms without tackling the key issue of DRC, after a rollercoaster of shame, humiliations from other nation, a young girl awaken her conscienness after watching Zhang Xin’s interview few years ago a paradigm shift happen within her conscious hence forth she started learning on different challenges countries faced before becoming developed. She started digging up in the real issue of CONGO which is lack of consciousness and proper structure on how private sector contributed in developped countries… in 2019 she started drawing different plan and project to rescue Congo from chaos without becoming a president, minister or deputy… because she believes that leadership is not a position but a responsability which a conscious mind have to execute while noone is watching or acclaiming them.

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Our Mission

Comfort Living

Every human being deserve to have a comfort home.

Committed to Excellence

Excellence is our core value because we believe that congolese citizen and all immigrants better

Quality Service
Attention to Detail

Our architects team will make sure to design our client request.

What People Say

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Mark Stivens


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Michael Green


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Wendy Moore


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